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About Us

Welcome to International HealthCare Services INC

Why Should You Choose International HealthCare Services INC for Your Home Care Needs?

  • We offer personal care
  • We are affordable
  • We are nurse-owned

We are fully-staffed with credentialed, knowledgeable, compassionate nurses. As a nurse-owned company, we approach your home care from a care-centered model, rather than a business-centered model. You, the patient, are truly at the heart of our company. YOU are the reason we exist. We make our services affordable so that you can focus more on healing and less on finances.

About Our Founder, William Tyson, BSN, RN

From the very beginning of his nursing career, William Tyson knew he wanted to land in home care. As an energetic, self-proclaimed “bedside nurse”, William’s heart beats for the patient. He truly considers his most important mission in nursing “to see the patients doing better.”

Even in the hospital setting, William spends most of his time WITH the patients, not just documenting care. That must be why he was nominated for the Daisy Award twice, and why he has won numerous award nominations and accolades from patients, families, and peers.

Bringing affordable homecare within reach to all who need it